Discover Your Internal Career Compass



Hosted by Col (Ret) Sharon Olbeter, Professional Career and Motivation Coach



Discover Your Internal Compass

Do you know what you want?  It's a challenge because you're unique.

No one else is exactly like you with the same talents, knowledge, skills, personality, preferences, etc. to offer the work world with what you want to give.   

That's why you need to discover your internal compass.  When you're connected to what you truly want, you will have a clear focus to make choices that suit you.  

Without being clear on what you want, you can feel adrift when faced with so many possibilities. And that's a difficult place to be when you're faced with having to make career decisions.

In this online event, we'll consider:

  • The importance of knowing what you want
  • What makes up your career needs and wants
  • How you can discover your most important needs and wants
  • How you can put it all together to create a vision of what will make you feel fulfilled and satisfied

I'll present information but I want to make it interactive and take questions you might have.

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