The 7 Mistakes That Are Keeping You From Having The Career Or Business You Want

Is your career everything you’d like it to be?  If not, are you taking action to get your needs and wants met?  

There are seven mistakes that hold you back from going for what you want.  They are basically motivational barriers because if you don’t resolve them you won’t be able to optimally engage. 

By being aware of these mistakes or “action-sticking points," you can look at where you are and what you can do to resolve the obstacle(s).  Otherwise, you may feel stuck;  you’ll feel frustrated that you don’t have what you want but you’ll feel unable to make your situation better. 

Breaking free is about aligning your desires, opportunities, thoughts, and behaviors to work together to get what you want.   

These are the seven mistakes:   

Mistake #1:  Not Knowing What You Want

Mistake #2:  Not Being Intentional At Work

Mistake #3:  Not Appraising Yourself And How You Can...

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