This Year, Keep Your New Year Resolutions!

Are you hoping that this year will be the year you keep your New Year Resolutions?

Most of us start the new year with good intentions to improve our lives in some way.  We may want to:

  • Create or improve something
  • Start or increase doing things
  • Stop or cut back on doing things
  • Be better for others, ie. kinder, more generous, more patient

Yet, 85% of us give up by mid-January because we never truly commit to making them happen.  

Without a strong desire for something specific coupled with commitment to develop and implement a plan, we’ll have nothing to act upon.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to make this year different:

  • Translate your intentions into specific criteria for what you want to see (one change or at the most two-related things)
  • Get leverage on why this is truly important beyond a mere “should” or “nice to”
  • Believe you can succeed; if not, figure out a way to build belief that you can
  • Decide that the benefit of taking...
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