Don’t Know What You Want To Do?

I've been there.  You feel pressured to move forward, but you're stuck.  You don't know want to do. There's a lot on the line because making a good career choice affects your future happiness - but how can you figure it out?

I’ve taken many career tests in my life - found them interesting but not very helpful.  I got bits of insight regarding my preferences, but they didn’t give me a clear career direction.  I wanted more than just a job where I could apply my skills;  I wanted career fulfillment. 

Identifying your top “Deeply Embedded Life Interests (DELI)” is a good starting point to find your direction.   These are enduring motivational drivers that crave expression.  Your happiness depends upon them unless you meet your needs in other areas of your life. 

Dr. Timothy Butler, a Harvard University career expert, proposed ten major DELI career themes:

  • Engineer, Application of Technology - likes technology and...
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