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Hi!  I'm Sharon Olbeter  

I'm a retired Air Force colonel, who helps current and former military members create the work they want by connecting their work interests and preferences with the work they do.

I've had my share of challenges with career satisfaction - beginning with not having a clue as to what I wanted to not believing it was possible and then to not knowing how to make it happen.  At each point, I felt trapped in what I called "action-stuckness" because I was unable to move forward.

I learned from my experiences and applied motivation research to develop The Doable SystemTM.  It will assist you in resolving potential action-sticking points so you'll be able to create the work outcomes you want.

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Power Up Your Ability To Create What You Want With The DOABLE System (TM)

Clarity To Support Focus

  • Determine Your Wants - Finally know what you're looking for so you can be alert to what is available
  • Define Your Desire Gaps - Know exactly what you need to change to move toward what you want
  • Discover Your Opportunities - Be able to identify ways you can provide value and/or engage in growth promoting activities to allow you to progress


Confidence for Positive Expectations

  • Do A Situational Analysis -  Be able to identify what you need and how you might get it to experience optimism

  • Delve Into Your Beliefs - Free yourself from inaction by reframing beliefs that are holding you back

Competence For Increased Motivation

  • Decide On Ways To Learn - Be able to get what you need to succeed by identifying what you don't know and where you can get the knowledge you need. 

  • Design Task Engagements - Feel in control by creating a structure to get things done and improve over time


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Set Your Ideal Work Compass Bootcamp

Identify your work-related desires and preferences so you'll be able to focus on opportunities that will move you toward where you want to go 


Military and Veteran Success Group

Follow the career success path which includes five stages with milestones and action steps within a membership group to craft the work you want to have 


"We Do Not Find Ourselves, We Create Ourselves."

George Bernard Shaw