I'm a retired Air Force colonel, who's motivated to empower military veterans to monetize their knowledge and skills online.  There's ever expanding opportunity in this area and a lot for you to gain. If you've been longing for more freedom in your work, online work means you have greater say in what you offer, who you want to serve and when and where you choose to work.  You can also make greater income than you could earn from traditional employment. In addition, you get to design work that suits your preferences and complements the lifestyle you want to have.

However, it has its challenges.  As a military veteran myself, I've learned first-hand that it requires a different way of being and doing things.  Instead of representing an organization from an established role, everything is yet to be determined.

It's a creative journey with lots of uncertainty - it'll require you to be willing to learn, take risks and persist as you try different things.

I've developed THE DOABLE SYSTEMTM  to help you power up so you'll be an unstoppable force to make your online expertise dreams a reality.  You'll:  

  • GAIN CLARITY:  connect what you want and can do with what others want and will willingly pay for
  • BUILD CONFIDENCE:  determine what you need to succeed and how you can get it; and challenge the fears, uncertainty and doubts that can get in your way
  • DEVELOP COMPETENCE:  learn what you need to know and direct your actions on those things that are important to do at the right times while you incorporate what you learn as you go

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Counter Lack of Focus, Self-Doubts And Ineffectiveness

Wanting something isn't enough. You need to know what you're specifically aiming for, believe you can pull it off, and take consistent action to get results. Then, your results give your feedback about what you need to tweak so you can continually improve.

How Can I Help You?

I apply my motivation and online entrepreneur knowledge, professional coach training and proprietary DOABLE system, to help you develop the clarity, confidence and competence you'll need to successfully build an online expertise business.

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What Will You Do?

You have a unique contribution to make, because no one else is exactly like you. 

There’s a market for just about anything if you just know how to connect what you want and can do with what others would want and willingly pay for.

Your task may seem overwhelming but you can take one step at a time and move forward.  You can step out of your comfort zone to entertain new ideas and consider new ways of being and doing things. Are you ready for the journey?


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