Hi, I'm Sharon Olbeter


 I Empower Military Veterans To Craft The Business They Truly Want So They Can Live Life On Their Own Terms And Contribute The Way They Want

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I'm a retired Air Force colonel, who's motivated to support you in recognizing your gifts and desires so you can ignite your power to create the work you truly want.  Once you connect to your desires, I'll help you fuel and stoke your motivation to willingly take action and learn what you need to succeed.

You’re unique.  There's no template out there for how you go about finding career fulfillment and for how you persist until you get what you want. What motivates someone else doesn’t necessarily motivate you.  That’s true of what you want in your work as well as what motivates you as you engage in your work-related activities and as you interpret the kinds of feedback you get.

Why Should You Care

You'll find that when you tap into your desires and focus on what you can do to get what you want - you’ll feel upbeat and ready to act.  You'll be more alert to opportunities and resources to make your dreams come true.  Moreover, you'll have the strength to persist to overcome obstacles you encounter. 

Your Way-Ahead 

You can’t think yourself through it - you can weigh your options and consider strategies, but action is necessary.  By taking action, you test your hunches and give yourself something to reflect upon as you note the results you get.

As you lead yourself with motivation and:

  • Explore opportunities to fulfill your desires
  • Empower yourself by figuring out how you can get what you need and
  • Engage in your work situations to see what works and what needs to be changed,

you build a bridge to your desired future.

Which Way Should You Go?

Know What You Want To Find Your Path

How I Help You Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

I help you develop the clarity, confidence and competence you need to craft the business that suits your needs while creating value for others.


You’ll develop clarity to know exactly what you want and why - you’ll discover your desires, values, purposes, preferences, etc. so you can be alert to opportunities to contribute the way you want to others while getting what you personally want.


You’ll develop confidence to go for what you want  because you'll have weighed the benefits and costs and decided you can get what you need to succeed.  You won’t be stopped by self-doubts, fear or uncertainty - because you'll know you’ll be able to handle whatever comes your way.


You’ll develop competence from taking action and learning what you need to become more resourceful and effective at getting results while continuing to learn and adjust as you go.


What I Offer

I apply my motivation education, professional coach training and proprietary framework, "Powerful Enough To Create What You Want" to help you ignite, fuel and stoke your motivation to support you on your journey.

What Lights Your Fire? and Why?

Create your motivational profile, identify possibilities that match what you want,  and choose a hypothesis opportunity to get started.

How Will You Get What You Need?

Identify your strengths, wealth profile, and entrepreneurial competencies to take stock of what you have and determine how you will get what you need.

What Will You Do To Get The Results You Want

Develop a structure to include goals, action plans, resources, and strategies to support your actions and keep yourself moving forward.

Where Are Your Opportunities To Fulfill Your Desires?

Identify Intriguing Possibilities and Select Ones You'll Explore Further